Thursday, January 31, 2013

20 Things I Learned in Baltimore:

1. Why not to smile at people on the street
2. Do not change bus routes on North Avenue
3. How to navigate a large city bus system
4. How to have poor success navigating the public buses to the extent that fellow ward members take pity on me and pick me up every Sunday for church
5. The definition of humidity
6. That dehumidifiers exist and are useful
7. Maryland is a small state compared to Utah
8. What bail bonds are
9. What US marshals do
10. I can live out of a suitcase for longer than two weeks, in fact, I can go two months! (Ready to multiple that by nine?)
11. I enjoy summer without classes
12. I miss summer school
13. There is a precise medium to have the AC unit on setting 3 and the ceiling fan on high all night to stay asleep
14. Finding a service center for my credit union (which only exists in Utah) and is open outside of regular business hours is difficult and hard to plan for
15. I am thankful for roommates (Natalie) willing to drive me to a service credit union in Baltimore county
16. A large majority of the world's population can not function properly without coffee
17. How to open door handles with my elbows
18. How to close door handles with my elbow and hip simultaneously
19. I don't have to have fireworks on my birthday, it all still works out
20. That cat feces cause Schizophrenia (well, potentially . . .)

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